Heavy Metals and Toxins Are Causing Havoc with Every Person’s Health with NO EXCEPTIONS!The Solution Is Actually Quite Simple...


You’ve been bombarded with heavy metals and toxins all of lives. Every day we are exposed to a variety of heavy metals in air, food, and water. Most heavy metals accumulate in the body where they can affect multiple organs and systems and create plenty of health issues.

Get That 'Crap' Out of Your Body!!Everyone’s ‘loading up’ on heavy metals and toxins, that's not a good thing! 

The first thing that came to my mind for illustration purposes was driving your car and never changing the oil. That would obviously be ridiculous. You’d never do that. The same logic should be applied to our body. If you're my age you may remember the Fram Oil filter commercial where the mechanic says pay me now or pay me later. I realize that's not very clinical but wait to you watch Rik Deitsch's, (Chief Science Officer of Avini Health) Master Class Video below.



Heavy metals and toxins come from the food we eat, the dental fillings we’ve gotten, chemicals we’re exposed to through commercial products we buy at the store, and our work environments.

● Toxins store in your fat cells, making it hard to lose weight.
● Toxins mess with your memory, clarity, and focus.
● Toxins interfere with your immune system.
● Toxins disrupt your endocrine systems, affecting your energy, sleep, and quality of life.

Symptoms you may be suffering from now and ones you will eventually deal with down the road. The harsh reality is your body has no way of getting rid of these chemicals which is so detrimental to your health. They accumulate in your fat stores.



Cell Defender

the original colloidal clinoptilolite zeolite product

A Great First Step in Your Journey to Optimal Health 

Get rid of the heavy metals and toxins building up in your body! So, before you start taking supplements or putting something in, pull these out before you do anything. Let’s see what benefits you realize and enjoy. Step 1 to optimal health – remove (Detox) heavy metals, toxinsThe body cannot get rid of them. The only proven way to do it is by detox using zeolite. But not just any zeolite.

Listen to Doug Dickey's Amazing Life-Saving Story

‘90-Day-See-For-Yourself’ Plan

Detox daily using a product called Cell Defender for 90 days. It’s a zeolite solution, developed by a biochemist, with a 17-year track record delivering amazing results… phenomenal life-changing, and even for some people lifesaving, anecdotal results. Find out for yourself. A small amount to risk for potential great gains!

The body is incredibly designed – it was designed to maintain balance, equilibrium or the clinical term is homeostasis. For that reason, it also has the power to heal itself.


Body can’t get rid of lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. They are all (+) ion charged. Through a cation exchange zeolite are negatively (-) ion. They attract the heavy metals throughout the bloodstream and then processes through urine. You pee it out! It’s a 4–6-hour process. That’s why you need to follow the recommended daily intake.Obviously, it’s one thing to enjoy the benefits of removing what is being stored in your body, it’s also part of pursuing optimal health of staying away from stuff that puts the metals and toxins in the first place.


Cell Defender (Cd) Is a colloidal suspension of activated zeal light produced, marketed, and distributed by Pura supplies. Cd contains Clinoptilolite as the constituent Zeolite, A naturally occurring sodium Aluminosilicate. The difference between Cell Defender and all other zeolite colloidal suspension is the Rik Deitsch has developed an activation and micronizing proprietary process. This process results in zeolite particles sized as low as .39 microns which enables the zeolite to enter the bloodstream. In the white paper it will describe how this zeolite in the bloodstream removes heavy metals and toxins (proven in peer reviewed studies) which help improve the immune system so that the immune system is freed up. 

Learn Everything You Want to Know About Cell Defender by The Developer - Biochemist Rik Deitsch, Chief Science Officer of Avini Health

Learn why Cell Defender was the original zeolite product developed way back in 2004. Rik Deitsch explains it all!


Cell Defender is the only micronized and activated zeolite colloidal suspension in the world. It is the original colloidal clinoptilolite zeolite product and is supported by over a dozen clinical studies – including trials published in peer-reviewed journals. The zeolite is like a tiny, negatively-charged cage that pulls in a variety of toxic substances in the body and forces their excretion. This includes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc…) as well as volatile organic compounds (benzene, dioxin, etc..). This process results in a healthier environment throughout the body as a cleaner and healthier body fixes itself.
Cell Defender has been clinically proven to: Help remove heavy metals, toxins, and other substances from the body; Support a healthy immune system; and Help balance pH levels in the body. Cell Defender is 100 percent natural and non-toxic – and safe for long-term use.

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‘90-Day-See-For-Yourself’ Plan Get Started Options:

1. Buy one Cell Defender (1oz.) - $69 + $10 shipping = $792. Buy the Cell Defender ‘5 Pack” - $325 + $10 shipping = $335 3. Buy an Activation Pack (the 'biggest bang for your buck') which also includes reserves your position with Avini Health (more on that later) - $299 + taxes + shipping. Retail value = $483
Makes no difference to us which one you choose to get started. The primary mission of MyOptimalHealthZone and the scientists at Avini Health are to help people get healthy by helping the body to heal! And maybe take a 'giant' leap in your quality of life!
Explanation of “reserving your position” with the Avini Health. There are two important reasons for this. 1. While you’re learning more about the benefits of heavy metal detoxification, folks like us will be adding distributors to our network and need a place to plug them in. 2. At some point you may decide to take advantage of the revenue opportunities with Avini Health’s distributor program.

Cell Defender 5-Pack (Retail)


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