1. Eliminate The Root Causes
2. Help With Recovery And Restoration

Removing Heavy Metals from Any Human Being Is A Good Thing!

Assuming Heavy Metals and Mercury Contribute To The Root Cause of Autism, Removing It Appears To Provide Benefit And Improvement

More Hope For Autism

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Meet Rik Deitsch

Information I received from Rik Deitsch, Chief Science Officer at AVINI HEALTH
"There was a small study conducted in autistic children at Arizona State University by Dr. James Adams.
The zeolite utilized in the Cell Defender (which has GRAS status - Generally Recognized as Safe) has been used in its raw form for centuries - even in infants. Additionally, we have received hundreds of testimonials from the parents of children that utilized the original micronized and activated zeolite product.
In that study, the recommendation for use was 3-5 drops twice daily in infants and toddlers. Children from 5-12 were recommended to use 3-5 drops three times daily. Children over 12 were recommended to use 5-10 drops three times daily. Children under 18 months were simply 1-2 drops daily."



We can show you how to purchase 7 bottles of Cell Defender for about $315 delivered.($483 Retail Value)


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