Follow My Personal Journey Of Discovery of What I Learned and Who I learned It From!

The path to optimal health begins by asking the right questions. This will be a path of discovery through my experiences begining with my background of selling high-tech nutrition to hospitals, spine implants, learning why the balance of the spine is so critical, and recently asking the question "what is a virus?" The END GAME is for you to learn what I discovered, who I learned it from and how to apply in your life to take charge of your health. All of it in 'Plain English', easy to understand. I’ll introduce to you who I learned it from by interviewing those really smart people so you don't have to take my word for it. I mentioned a few of them in my introductory video on the home page.

Samples of the topics we'll cover:

Samples of the topics we'll cover:
1. Start asking questions, self-discovery is the only way to overcome 'medical ignorance'!
2. What is a virus?
3. What are the 4 causes of sickness?
4. Do medical tests make your healthy?
5. The misguidance of the Germ Theory.
6. Why the body was created to heal itself.

Launch Date: Still working on it.... we've got a lot of 'onion to peel'!